Merch by Shiroprint

All-in-one e-commerce platform* to sell your designs with no upfront investment or costs to you.

*All merch products will be sold on another e-commerce platform, not on this Shiroprint website.

Upload your artwork

We print what's sold


Earn monthly loyalties

How does it work?

Earn royalties

We pay you a royalty on every product sold.

No inventory risk

Don't worry about unsold stock. We'll print your product after each sale using print on demand technology.

Track your success

Use our account tools for insights on your best-selling designs and watch your revenue grow.

Why merch platform?

Suitable for solo artist, youtuber, celebrity and art student who wants to start selling T-shirt merchandize with minimum effort.

Reduce business cost

You don't need to manage your own e-commerce platform and payment gateway. You can save manpower as well.

Save your time

You don't need to transfer the print order to Shiroprint manually. The fulfillment will start automatically.

Focus on branding

Use your precious time to design good artwork or maintain your branding. We will do the rest.


Manual Order
  • Sell on your own e-commerce platform
  • Transfer print order to Shiroprint manually
  • Manage your own payment gateway
  • Need to assign manpower to process the order

Merch by Shiroprint

All-in-one e-commerce platform
  • Sell on our merch platform
  • The fulfillment will start automatically
  • No need to maintain e-store and payment gateway
  • No need to assign manpower to process the order

What is royalties fee?

  • You can earn RM20-25 on every product sold. Then, you can request to withdraw the earning via bank transfer (Malaysia) or Paypal (International).
  • Royalty is calculated based on every product sold. Your royalty is based on your product’s purchase price less any applicable tax, and less shiroprint’s costs.
    • Shiroprint costs include materials, production, fulfillment, customer service, returns, exchanges, and resources required to detect and prevent fraud.
    • Fulfillment costs include picking and packing your product when a customer orders it and shipping your product to the customer—including shipping fee and Free Shipping eligible orders.

Frequent Asked Questions

Yes. If Shiroprint determines that your design violates one of our content policies, we may remove it without notice. Shiroprint reserves the right to make judgments about whether or not content is appropriate. Listing a design that violates our content policies may result in the cancellation of your listings, or the suspension or termination of your Merch by Shiroprint account. Each item that you submit to us must adhere to our Content Policy.

In order to provide the best experience for customers of products created in Merch by Shiroprint, we are limiting the number of designs a content creator can submit. Every creator can submit up to 10 artworks per month.

Once you have submitted your request, we will provide you with an expected timeframe for a decision and we will notify you of the decision via email/phone call as soon as it has been made.

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