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Are you looking to customize and print Class T-Shirts for your class? If the answer is yes, don’t look any further!​

No minimum order quantity. We welcome all secondary school classes, society clubs and universities tutorial classes to participate.

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Why Should You Have A Class T-Shirt?

Whether you’re a teacher, or a student from either Primary school, Secondary School or tertiary schools, it is almost like a tradition for each class to have their own unique class tee.

Whether it is individual Class T-Shirts, or whole school camp T-Shirts, it is a wearable that gives a unique sense of identity for the student who wears them.

If you’re part of a class, you would like to show how proud and united you are as a class. If you’re part of a CCA group, you would like to show how proud you are being part of the CCA.

The unique sense of belonging and identity of a particular group (class or CCA) will create wonderful memories for you as an individual as you grow up through your school times.

T-Shirts are not disposable items which you wear once and throw away. You can keep wearing them over and over again even after graduation. This is what makes T-Shirts a very popular customisation product for students and teachers.

Even for the Teachers, the class T-Shirts made with the different batches of students that you take care of will hold the memories for you for a long time.

What makes Shiroprint different

No colour limit in T-shirt design

DTG printing allow unlimited colour to use in the T-shirt design. No more simple design with less colour

No minimums

Enjoy the freedom to experiment with your store concept and products with no order minimums, expensive equipment, or unsold inventory

Free to use

No monthly or upfront fees, you only pay for fulfillment & shipping once you receive an order

Free shipping for bulk order

We partner with some of the best global carriers to bring you the most affordable and reliable delivery options​

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